WUSIC, "The We of Music"

Love, Sustain, Grow and Experience the Art of Music for Anyone, Anywhere, Anytime.

We believe that the art of music:

  • is both creative expression and objective execution.
  • encompasses the process, the journey, the network, and ultimately the connection.
  • is inclusive of those who produce, compose, perform, finance, market, host, deliver, and ultimately appreciate music.

The art of music faces real-world challenges.

Digitalisation democratises the art of music. It levels the playing field, redistributes power and opens up many more opportunities for expressing and experiencing the art of music.


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Wusic aspires to be a true champion of the local music and arts scene. Our social media aspiration is to uncover the hidden talents in our local music scene and to provide these individuals a platform to perform and showcase their talents. We know that this would not be an easy journey but we truly believe in greatness in small beginnings. Do look out for our social media postings on Instagram, Tik Tok, Facebook and YouTube.

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