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A Boston University music education doctoral candidate, Fabian is an experienced music educator, lecturer, and instructor. He is a certified music teacher with vast experience teaching music from young children to adults. Fabian also teaches music teachers and tertiary music students.
Also an alumnus from the famed Berklee College of Music, Fabian has extensive saxophone, flute, and clarinet performances and recordings with David Foster, Incognito, Lincoln Center Jazz Orchestra, Dick Lee, Jeremy Monteiro, Iskandar Ismail, the Singapore Symphony Orchestra, A-mei, J.J. Lin, Stephanie Sun, Sandy Lam, Kit Chan, Joanna Dong, Rahimah Rahim, Taufik Batisa, and many others. He is active in the musical theater scene, playing in shows like Disney’s Aladdin, The Addams Family, Singing in the Rain, Crazy Christmas, and Dim Sum Dollies.


Taught by professionals in SOMA, she’s jack of all trades. From mixing and producing, to setting up sound systems for renowned artists such as Jack & Rai, Corgi and many more.
She was even part of the production crew for Chingay where she successfully helped coordinate the performance and flow for the show.
A passion for music of all genres, in addition to her knowledge and experience, allows her to have the flexibility to work and communicate with people of different ages and musical backgrounds.

Siti Shuhadah